Fitting Silly Old Sea Dog Dresses During Pregnancy

I’ve had a few ladies ask about the fit and feel of Silly Old Sea Dog Dresses during pregnancy. Are they suitable and comfortable as maternity wear? and what styles do I recommend?

Well, I have to be honest, I have never been pregnant, so have always found these questions really hard to answer, I’ll be honest I have no idea! Added in with that the dresses aren’t designed for pregnancy I decided to enlist the help of three friends at different stages of their pregnancy cycle and at different dress sizes to begin with. Im hoping that their advice and comments are helpful to any ladies looking to buy a Silly Old Sea Dog Dress during Pregnancy, the girls have asked to be as honest as possible in their reviews and if something doesn’t fit or feel comfortable to say so.

Please note none of these dresses have been designed for maternity. They are just our ordinary collection.



First Up!

Name: Sam

Age: 30

Weeks Pregnant: 22

Number of other children: 1

Dress Size before pregnancy: 14

Height: 5ft 7″

Sam is the first of our ladies to try on the dresses, and one of my old school friends. Sam has tried on the Sleeved Dress in a Glamorous Ladies Design in a size 16 and a Pop Art Sewing Machine Dress with sleeves in an 18.

Glamorous Ladies Dress 16, No Petticoat
Glamorous Ladies Dress 16, No Petticoat

Sam says: ” I like the feel and fit of the 16 this current time, it is very comfortable and I’m surprised as the waistband is in exactly the right place, above the bump, which is unusual for dresses which have not been designed for pregnancy. If I was buying the dress to wear for an immediate occasion I would go with the 16, however there isn’t a lot of room for growth, so if I wanted to get more wear out of it I would go with the 18. The fit of the 18 is too big currently (mainly across the shoulders and my back) however it doesn’t look bad on, I would probably add a belt initially. I really like the length of these two dresses on (these are both our longer 62cm skirt length) on, they feel comfortable and the length fits well around the bump and is not in any way too short. I would be happy to wear this dress length without tights or leggings”.

Pop Art Sewing Machine Dress 18, No Petticoat
Pop Art Sewing Machine Dress 18, No Petticoat

We have then tried the petticoat (Long 26″) with the Pop Art Sewing Machine Dress, we weren’t sure how this would work with a bump, but it was interesting to see this on Sam and get her feedback: “I feel a big too large in the petticoat, I actually don’t think it looks too bad, it makes it a lot more obvious I am pregnant. Personally I prefer the dress without, I actually really like it without. The petticoat is a bit too much for me”.

Pop Art Sewing Machine Dress 18, Wearing a 26″ Petticoat
Pop Art Sewing Machine Dress 18, Wearing a 26″ Petticoat

After trying the dresses with sleeves, we move on to those with out a sleeve. First up the perfect Pug Dress in a size 16 – “This is a bit small, I had to get help to zip it up, once on its feels OK, but I don’t have any room for growth and do feel it is a bit tight across my back”.

This dress is in our shorter length with a 50cm skirt, Sam comments “It isn’t as short as I thought, I actually think it is OK on, I would feel more comfortable wearing it with leggings or thick black tights just because it is shorter, but I thought it wouldn’t work at all and it does. I really like this dress as I have a pug myself called Milo”.

Perfect Pug Dress, 16, No Petticoat (This is the shorter 50cm Skirt Dress)
Perfect Pug Dress, 16, No Petticoat (This is the shorter 50cm Skirt Dress)


Our last dress is the same style as the Pug one, but in a Zebra print, and as this one is a size 18, it has our longer 62cm skirt. Sam advises “trying the longer length on again, I know thats what I would go for, I feel a lot more comfortable! This dress is a bot to big, I have obviously put a lot of weight on, on my bump, and some on the bust, but my arms haven’t increased at all, so I find this dress too big under the arms, and across my chest, it doesn’t fit quite right up top”.

Zebra Dress, 18, No Petticoat
Zebra Dress, 18, No Petticoat


Overall Sam says: “I like the longer length dresses for sure, they are my favourite. With regards to the style, for my current body shape the dress with sleeves fits the best. This is because the fit is tighter under my arm where I haven’t gained weight, so the 16 fit perfectly, the 18 was big but allowed growth room on the waist and bust without looking  really baggy. The 16 without sleeves was a little uncomfortable and tight, but the 18 was far too big under the armpit. I would happily wear the Pop Art Sewing Machine Dress and the Glamorous Ladies dress I tried on. I really liked them and its nice to find something pretty that works for maternity and is comfortable rather than just something practical”.


Hayley Photo

Name: Hayley

Age: 24

Weeks Pregnant: 36

Number of other children: 0

Dress Size before pregnancy: 8

Height: 5ft 5″


Lovely Flamingo Dress, 10, No Petticoat

Hayley has done some modelling for me previously for my Vintage Life features, so I thought she was the perfect choice to try on some Silly Old Sea Dog dresses and to give us some feedback. Hayley is very almost ready to have her little boy and the Midwife has told her he could arrive any day. Hayley is the most far along with her pregnancy out of the three girls I have met for this blog post at 36 weeks.

Hayley normally wears a size 8 (prior to pregnancy), we decided to try on a size 10 first, and it was a perfect fit! So there was no need to try on any other sizes.

Hayley is wearing the Lovely Flamingo Dress which has a longer skirt, Hayley says “It is a perfect fit, there is not a lot of room for growth, but at this stage in my pregnancy I am not expecting to grow a lot more, as my little boy is engaged so could be here any day now. The waist and bust fit perfectly and the hips and pregnancy belly area is free, so feels very comfortable. The length of this dress (longer 62cm) is perfect as I don’t feel that it is too short, even with the bump, and as I’m having a boy I am carrying all of my weight on my front.”

Lovely Flamingo Dress, 10, No Petticoat
Outdoor Trekking Dress, 10, No Petticoat (shorter 50cm Skirt)


Next Hayley Tries on two of our shorter dress, the Outdoor Trekking Dress without sleeves and Doggy Daycare with sleeves, these are also both in a size 10. Hayley comments “These dresses do feel a bit short, I prefer the longer length, however if I was out in the sun I would happily wear this length as a sun dress without a petticoat. Potentially I would wear them at night too with tights or leggings. But overall I prefer the longer length”.

Outdoor Trekking Dress, 10, No Petticoat (shorter 50cm Skirt)

Next we try on a short petticoat, as Hayley is normally a size 8 to 10 at pregancy, so I would normally recommend our S/M petticoat. However Hayley is unable to get this over the bump, so would recommend an L/XL petticoat for pregnant ladies of her size (normally these are recommended for sizes 14/16 onwards, when not pregnant). Unfortunately silly me did not bring an L/XL petticoat in short for Hayley to try as I thought she would fit the S/M – however, Sam tried the L/XL at 22 weeks and a size 16/18 and it fit well, so this size should be fine for ladies of Hayley’s size and nearing full term.

Lovely Flamingo Dress, 10, With Long Petticoat
Igloo Dress, 10, No Petticoat

The Long petticoat is made in a different style to the short one, it has a large elasticated waistband, rather than a small one, so Hayley is wearing the S/M of the long petticoat, she says “The long petticoat feels OK, I think that it makes me look bigger all around and does not make the bump so obvious. I think I prefer the dress without the petticoat as it is more obvious that my belly is a pregnancy bump! However is does not feel uncomfortable when on, I feel I have room to move and am not restricted”.

Doggy Daycare Dress, 10, No Petticoat (Shorter 50cm Length)
Igloo Dress, 10, No Petticoat

Trying on the two dresses with sleeves – Igloo in a long skirt and Doggy Daycare in short Hayley advises “The dresses with sleeves do feel a little tight across the bust, however I have increased from a 32A to a 32DD during my pregnancy. I think for this reason I do prefer the dresses without a sleeve as they are more comfortable”. This feedback is a little different from Sam who preferred the 18 with a sleeve, as at 22 weeks, she had put most of her weight on her bump. As Hayley is towards the end of her term and her bust size has increased a lot, her body shape is a bit different to Sam’s.

Hayley says ” I would definitely feel comfortable wearing Silly Old Sea Dog dresses, even now at 36 weeks. My favourite is the Lovely Flamingo dress as I feel the length and no sleeves work really well for my body shape at the moment. I also feel that when I loose my baby weight the size 10 could easily be taken in to an 8 so that I could still get lots of wear out of it”.

Doggy Daycare Dress, 10, No Petticoat (Shorter 50cm Length)



Name: Kelly

Age: 31

Weeks Pregnant: 27

Number of other children: 2

Dress Size before pregnancy: 12

Height: 5ft 2″

Kelly is the last of my friends to try on the dresses to give us her opinion on fit and feel. Kelly is currently 26 weeks and having a little boy, due in September.

First of all Kelly tries on the Zebra dress, without sleeves and in a longer 62cm skirt. We go for the size 14 first (one size up) and this is a perfect fit! Kelly says “It feels really comfy, I haven’t tried on a vintage dress before, so I wasn’t sure if it would suit me or if I would like it, especially during pregnancy, but I really like it on. I’ve been struggling to find nice clothing to wear over the summer for Weddings and Christenings, and I think that this dress is just perfect! I would definitely wear this dress for an occasion, as it isn’t too fussy, is comfy and fun, and I know I would wear it again”.

Zebra Dress, Longer Length, No Petticoat
Zebra Dress, Longer Length, No Petticoat
Zebra Dress, Longer Length, No Petticoat

She also says “The size 14 fits really well, the waist is good, there is still room to grow on the waist and bust and it is free on the hips, if I brought this now I know I would still be able to get some wear out of it throughout my pregnancy, even though I am large for 26 weeks”.

Kelly’s 6 year old son Hayden has also given this dress a thumbs up and says he really likes it!

Next we try on the petticoat, Kelly is wearing a S/M long petticoat, she says “The petticoat is comfy, I think during pregnancy I wouldn’t wear the petticoat, but afterwards I think I would as I much prefer the dresses with a petticoat for an evening look”.

Zebra Dress, Longer Length, With Petticoat
Zebra Dress, Longer Length, With Petticoat


Zombie Dress, Shorter Length, No Petticoat

Next we move onto the shorter dress, this time in a Zombie print without sleeves, also on a size 14, Kelly likes this dress the most “Im 5ft 2″ so this length is perfect, I really like the feel of this dress on and I like the fabric too, I really want to wear this dress for a summer festival! My legs are quite short, so I think for day to day wear this one is great. I really like this one, the fit and feel is fab, and again I still have some room to expand”.

We have tried the petticoat in an L/XL, as Hayley commented that the S/M would not fit, Kelly has tried this and the L/XL fits well, with room to move and expand. However Kelly does prefer the dress without the petticoat, as its a bit too much with it.


Zombie Dress, Shorter Length, with Petticoat
Zombie Dress, Shorter Length, No Petticoat


Pop Art Sewing Machine Dress, Longer Length, No Petticoat

We then move onto the dresses with sleeves, Kelly tries our Retro Sewing Machine Dress, with a longer length skirt in a size 14: “This one is a bit big up top (arm circumference, across the back and neckline), however not big enough for me to need the size 12, I do like it on and I like the sleeves, but I prefer the dress without sleeves as the fit all round is better. The sleeve opening on this one is a bit oversized, I guess as before pregnancy I would wear a 12, but during I need a 14 for the bust and waist, but not on my arms, as they have not grown”.


We also try on a Polar Bear Dress with sleeves, Kelly prefers the length of this as it is short, however it is too big up top, so overall she prefers the dresses without a sleeve.

Polar Bear Dress, Shorter Length, No Petticoat
Polar Bear Dress Sleeves


From speaking to the three lovely ladies, here are our top tips when buying a Silly Old Sea Dog Dress for pregnancy:

1. 2 out of 3 girls preferred the longer length as it gives more coverage. With the exception of Kelly who is the shorter of the three at 5ft 2″ and preferred the shorter dress.

2. All ladies preferred the dresses without a petticoat as it was a bit too much with a bump.

3. If buying a short petticoat, go for a size L/XL even if you are a size 6-14 as you may not be able to get the S/M over your bump.

4. 2 out of 3 preferred the dress without sleeves as it gave more room on the bust for expansion. Sam at earlier stage preferred the sleeve, as she had grown a lot on her bump, but not so much yet on her bust, so the sleeveless dress was a bit big here.

5. All ladies liked the dresses, said they were comfy and worked well on a pregnancy body, the circular skirts allowed for movement and growth.

6. All ladies went up one dress size from their pre-pregnancy size.

I hope that helps you all to make some decisions about the fit and feel of our dresses on, and hopefully opens up some options for you to find more fun dresses to wear throughout pregnancy! Remember we do offer returns on all of our dresses, s if you do order something and it is not suitable or the right size, it can always be returned!


Alison x


Pop Art Sewing Machine Dress, Longer Length, No Petticoat
Pop Art Sewing Machine Dress, Longer Length, No Petticoat
Lovely Flamingo Dress, Longer Length, with Petticoat

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