How to Wear our Headbands

I thought I would pop together some ‘How To’ videos. These are to show you how our Headbands can be worn, and how to attach them into your hair.


Our headbands all contain wire, for ease of wear. The wire mean they are easy to attache into your hair and are sturdy, so do not require any hair grips to hold them in place.

Our headbands are made from 100% cotton, so you may remove the wire (each headbands has a small opening in the centre seam) and then wash and tumble your headband. Once ironed and replacing the wire, it will be as good as new!

These are perfect for wearing to create a 50’s or 60’s look. You can use them on long and short hair, in up or down styles.

Ideal for wearing for vintage looks, to cover up roots or hair extension clips, for camping and festivals or to keep your hair out of your eyes for sport or even cleaning.

Watch the video here on YouTube

hopefully this will help you to be able to fix in your headbands quickly and easily!



Here are some ideas of how to wear your Headband, do try them out:

Worn in a double knot
Worn with ends folded into a large bow
Worn with folded up ends
Worn with long ends
Worn with ends folded up into a bow

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