Miss Viva Las Vegas 2015 – Ginger Watson’s Review

Text and Images with thanks to Ginger Watson of www.letsgetdolledup.com

Silly Old Sea Dog!



The first time I had ever heard about Silly Old Sea Dog was from one of my very dear friends and fellow pinups Miss Mozzy Dee. We were talking about the fashion show at Viva Las Vegas and how she scored the opportunity to walk for two designers. One of which was Silly Old Sea Dog. I was not familiar with the brand at the time, but Mozzy convinced me that they would have designs that I would love!  She pretty much knows how I roll.  I enjoy clean, classic lines, thoughtfulness in fabrics, and appropriate lengthed dresses.  I am not a huge fan of super short hemlines in vintage reproduction.  I adore dresses that my grandmother would approve of and my friends would still wear to meet up in.

image (2)

Mozzy working it in the fashion show wearing:  The 1950’s Style Periodic Table Dress

Mozzy and I were both in the fashion show and I found myself gushing behind the curtain about how cute my friend looked in her dresses.  The fit of the dress on her was wonderful. It was not too short and not too long. The fabric was playful just like her personality. I instantly thought that it was the perfect dress that she could wear to work and easily transform it into a fun weekend outing

image (3)

The bow belt is a perfect addition to the dresses along with a petticoat for fullness. The dresses compliment all body styles. I am a big fan of the sleeves on the specific dress that Mozzy is wearing. At the time I was still living in the Midwest. You never know what kind of weather you are going to get so layering is essential.  Even with living in California it can get chilly. This dress style is perfect!!!  Add tights in the winter and a cardigan for cuteness.

image (4)

I bet y’all recognize a few of these pretties!!!!

The fabric and prints that Silly Old Sea Dog has to offer are fantastic. So many fun novelty prints.  The dresses remind me of a fun day at a carnival or a tea party with friends.  The designs are classy. The combination of playful prints on a classic silhouette works every time. After learning more about the company I knew I loved it.

image (5)

Alison is the gal behind the brand. She is very hands on with her products.  She has a degree in Commercial Fashion and takes pride in keeping all of the work within the UK.  

image (6)

I admire people who are hands on with their designs and companies. It is nice to see people doing the physical part of creating their brand. I am not a fan of sweat shops. Being a seamstress myself…I understand how much work goes into making each dress. It is not as easy as it looks. The owner of Silly Old Sea Dog seems very involved with her products. I admire that. I had to have my own!

image (7)

1950’s Style Glamorous Ladies Dress with Sleeves

Good things come in hot pink packages! My dress came in a bright pink mailer, gift wrapped, and accompanied with a note. I love a hand written note! The quality of the dress is amazing. Even when it is inside out it looks wonderful. My dress came with one of those fabulous bow belts. I am in love with the print that I chose. The dress looks great with or without a petticoat. Silly Old Sea Dog recommends that you wear a petticoat underneath. The length is perfect. Not too long and not too short. I often find that most dresses are the opposite. Too short or too long.  This dress is perfect as far as fit for my size.  I am so thrilled to have my very own dress from this UK company. I loved how my friends looked in the dresses and now I can match them!

image (8)

Taken from my Instagram

I chose the Glamorous Ladies dress because it reminded me of my fashion sketch plates from my childhood. I used to love creating drawings of flowy dresses. The ladies also remind me of the pictures I would see on the patterns in my grandmother’s sewing shop. It is the perfect dress for a fellow sewing fanatic to have. I am looking forward to seeing what is next for this company. Be on the lookout for some classic designs with a twist! Perhaps I will rock one of their playsuits next!

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