We’re Moving our Production to Scotland!

4I5A5624So you’ve probably all noticed that for a while we haven’t had any new dresses on the website. I just wanted to reassure you all that we do have them coming and I’m not closing down.

I’ve had some major problems with the factory that were producing our dresses in Lancashire (faulty sizing, faulty zips, wrong dresses produced – the list goes on, it’s about 3 pages long!) and well because of this and their attitude to fixing my problems I have had to let them go! The bad news is they lost a large proportion of my dress patterns! The good news is I have found a fantastic factory in Scotland who will be making the dresses from now on!

As patterns have been lost, we are having to remake them. In addition to this I wanted to ensure the fit of the dresses was right from the start so that we have no more problems with sizing and they stay generic from dress to dress. With a little help from a couple of my friends/models we have been testing a few sizes over the last few weeks and are finally very almost there to start production. It’s more important to me to have no stock for a while than to have a second rate product, and for the new factory too, who have so far been excellent!


In addition, we’re making a few changes to the dresses to make them more exclusive, such as adding the lining I uploaded the other day. We will have new dresses very soon (in fact I’m hoping to launch them at the Pin Up Pop Up shop we are taking part in this June in London).

pop up poster

So our dresses are remaining to be made in the UK, just now in Scotland, and in a lovely little family run factory that employ local seamstresses and have for over 20 years! I’m hoping now as we have a fresh start with an accommodating factory, that we can bring out some new styles for winter 2016!


I’ll keep you all updated for when the dresses are launching. Thank you all for your support. It’s been a difficult time, but knowing that I have a fab bunch of customers waiting to see our new things makes it all the more exciting! I think when you all see the quality of the new dresses you will agree it’s worth the wait!

Alison xx

Photos of me working and sampling in my Newquay studio with thanks to Kernow Dream Photography.


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