No Likey No Lighty! Behind the Scenes at Take Me Out – Show 1

Me and Mitchtmo crown

I was lucky enough to be chosen out of 10,000 girls to appear on the 2015 series of Take Me Out.

I applied in July 2014, and was short-listed for an audition in Bristol in August. I was nervous to attend the audition, but I wore a dress that I had made out of a pair of Jurassic Park curtains and the ladies at the audition said they loved it!

After the audition, I awaited to hear if I had made it through to the next stage, and a couple of days later I found out I had, from here I had to fill out a questionnaire all about myself, my job, hobbies and embarrassing stories (which my friends were more than happy to remind me of!)

I then found out in October that I had been accepted to be on the show, and was going to be one of Paddy’s Flirty 30 – in the original line up of girls.

Me, Daisy & Kelly

In November I headed to Kent where filming was to take place and where was to be my home for the next up to 2 weeks (well until fingers crossed I got a date!) I was nervous as I was about to meet all of the other girls, none who I had ever met before, but as I arrived I soon discovered that everyone was lovely and all of the girls were a little bit nervous, but equally excited.

Rehearsals started the next day, where some of the guys that worked on the show stepped in to play the part of the boys coming down the lift and we got to meet Paddy McGuinness. It was so much fun and we all had a great time, even if we did come up with some silly answers to why we had left our light on!

The next day I got to meet my Make Up Artist and Hairdresser for the duration of the show – Sarah Burrows who is Make Up artist to a number of celebrities including Tess Daley and Sarah Harding and Mitch Lumsden who is hairdresser to the team at Strictly Come Dancing. Wow – by the time they had finished with me I looked amazing, I have never looked or felt so good!

Luckily the wardrobe team liked my look and all of the dresses that I had brought along from the Silly Old Sea Dog Autumn/Winter Collection to wear on the show! So throughout filming I was able to wear Silly Old Sea Dog dresses, belts and hair accessories.

Here is my Look from show 1, aired on 3rd January 2015:

small 2me

My dress is:



Shoes: Carvella, by Kurt Geiger

Watch a snippet of Show one here with me having a hug with Paddy and contestant Ashley.

The guys we had on show 1 were Ashley, Scott, Steve and Craig – I left my light on for a couple of them, but it got switched off! Oh well there’s always next week!

Keep watching on Saturday’s at 8.30pm on ITV to see if I get a date to Fernando’s!




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