Viva Las Vegas 2015 review of VLV18

I have wanted to go to Viva Las Vegas for many years, and this year I finally made it! It is North America largest pre 1960’s car show and vintage event, with over 25, 000 attendees every year. Not only did I want to experience the festivities, but I was also fortunate enough to have gained a place to exhibit my brand Silly Old Sea Dog in the fashion show.

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We arrived on the Friday to The Orleans Hotel where the party was in full swing, with vintage American cars parked outside the hotel, ladies in the most glamourous and colourful vintage pieces, and dapper gentlemen dressed to impress. With being part of the fashion show, we had an early start to get rehearsed and to get the ladies ready for the show. We were proud to be exhibiting amongst some US based brands including The Oblong Box Shop and Swearing Parrot whom you should certainly check out if you haven’t already as they have some excellent vintage inspired pieces. We were also lucky enough to work with an excellent group of local pin up girls modelling for us, which included Miss Lulu Divine whom was a contestant in the Miss Pin Up competition during the weekend. The girls entering the competition had worked hard all year to gain their places, firstly entering their photographs online to make it through the judging panel to the event itself and then with various heats and costume changes at the event itself.

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One of my favourite parts of the event had to be the pool party, firstly seeing the vast array of colourful vintage costumes on display, but also just enjoying the music and the atmosphere. The pool party was also where the swimwear contests took place, ladies, men’s and couples. The ladies contest was especially enjoyable, as many of the ladies had stories about where their costumes had come from and the history surrounding them.

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Saturday is host to the main day of the car show, with a large display of primarily 1950’s cars on offer including the Bat Mobile, cars from the movie Grease, a selection of American muscle cars and hot rods – all polished to perfection and on display in the 30 degree heat. You are free to wander around the cars and take photographs, and many of the owners are on hand to tell you more about them whilst basking in the sunshine and enjoying live rock n roll music from the car show stage.

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I loved that every day everyone is dressed and original or replica vintage attire, and I mean everyone, just wandering around the car show you could see the outfits, hairstyles and make-up of the 40’s – 60’s era, many with the modern touch of coloured hair and an assortment of colourful tattoos, which in some cases were designed right there in the tattoo parlour at Viva Las Vegas. There are vendors on site throughout the duration of the show offering different products, I picked up a great 1950’s cowboy print dress with circular skirt for just $50 and a fabulous vampire boned corset from a vendor at the car show.

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There were many other activities on offer including live music, jive dancing, a bowling contest and burlesque shows.

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If you have an eye for vintage fashion, cars, rock n roll and love everything colourful, then Viva Las Vegas is certainly the event for you. It is running from the 14th – 17th April 2016 at the Orleans Hotel and Casino and more information can be found on the Viva Las Vegas website:

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