Bring on the Girls!!! Take Me Out Week 3

My dress is:

Week 3 and still no nearer to a date to the Isle of Fernando’s!!! At least its another excuse to wear Silly Old Sea Dog Number!

There have been a couple of matches so far and I have made an incredible group of friends, so even if I don’t get a date, at least I’ve made some excellent friends from the experience.

Group week 3 Me and Maxine


This week I have on:


Ooh and these have just gone into the sale – 20% off!


Hair Accessory: A little flower corsage I made myself.

Shoes: Red sequin Bow shoes by Kurt Geiger

Here is a little teaser of the show:

This week we had, Andrew, Ross, Matt and Jamie. Matt was the first guy to get a blackout this series, but will there be more?

I actually felt really bad for him getting a blackout, as I hate to think how nervous you must be coming down the love lift!

me & Rachel stairs

No Twitter bitching about me this week, which was nice! Ha ha! But also no date, will week 4 be my lucky week???????


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