COVID-19 Update 23.3.20



We will carry on posting once a week only – this will now be each Wednesday and our cut off for orders that week will be Tuesdays at 10am.

Our factory has now reopened and we are catching up with outstanding projects and launching new ones.

Postage can still be delayed, especially overseas, so please upgrade your shipping option if you require your parcel quickly. 

We have no physical events or festivals planned for 2020 – but we hope to be able to attend lots of events in 2021. 

Thank you Alison 


COVID-19 Website Open / Factory Closed – Statement

I have spoken to the Post Office, and currently the advice is that they are open, and all businesses and individuals are welcome to use the postal service. They will still be delivering, although there may be some delays and next day delivery is not available.

This is their current situation, but things could change.

With this is mind our website and Etsy store will remain open for shipping. I will only be sending orders once a week – on a Tuesday. To reduce my risk of exposure and to ensure I am staying home as much as possible.

My factory remains closed for any bespoke orders, so we cannot accept these at this time.

For Constellations and Dragon Dresses ordered on pre-orders – These are going to be delayed. I want to reassure you that I will ensure that you get your dress and that you get it as soon as possible. But I always find it best to be honest – and at the moment, with the current situation affecting our factory, I cannot confirm that the ship date. I will eagerly await information from the government of when they can re-open. I have always strived to do good business. To keep a great and honest relationship with my customers has always been as important to me as keeping the brand ethical and our staff well paid and treated with respect. Before we may have had a delay for a holiday, but never anything like this.  I want to re-assure you that I am not closing and that I’m not taking your money without giving you your pre-order, but I am currently stuck in a position with no knowledge of when we will be able to open the factory to make these, which means that the deadlines I set will not be made. I hope that you can continue to support my small business and keep your orders active and keep ordering, as I am trying my very best to keep my small business afloat during these difficult times and remain positive!

I will be launching a new pre-order dress onto my website this week, but with a much longer timescale for delivery so that this is an honest target for the current situation in business – I’m thinking September, with a hope it will ship before.

I’m working on some kits for ‘Silly Old Sea Dog Made by Me’ – which will be excellent projects for you and your children to make at home.

Please do follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep on top of all of our news during this time and continue to shop small and support the creators and small businesses!

Thank you for your support and stay safe.

Alison x


My apologies x

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