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I attend a lot of events and vintage fairs and often see women in different stages of pregnancy staring longingly at the clothes but always saying they can’t wear the pieces as they are pregnant. I always let them know that vintage and reproduction pieces with circular skirts work great as maternity wear and can be worn up until late stages if you buy a larger size. But not many of them seem to believe me.

So, I have gathered three lovely ladies together to prove the point!

Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you have to wear leggings and maternity jeans for the next 9 months! All three ladies are first time Mums-to-be, and at different stages of their pregnancy and a range of dress sizes before and during. We are here to show you a range of pieces from Silly Old Sea Dog– and all have worked great for each ladies maternity figure.

We hope that through this article, you can see how thinking outside the box can help you to dress more confidently throughout your pregnancy.

Let’s meet the girls:

Becky wearing our Red Riding Hood Dress




Age: 32

Number of weeks pregnant: 30 weeks.

Babies Sex: A surprise!

Pre-pregnancy dress size: Size 8/10

Dress Size Wearing on Shoot: 12




A little bit more about Becky:

My partner is Matt, he was in the year above me at school so I always knew who he was although I didn’t know him well, I

Becky in our Alice Cards Dress

just thought he was hot! It wasn’t until years later at a mutual friends birthday party as I was dressed as batgirl that we started chatting and got to know each other more. I soon realised not only was he gorgeous, he was also very funny, kind and just lovely! We soon became a couple. We got married in August 2016 after 9 years of being together. He proposed the previous Christmas. We got married in the lovely church in our village just down the road and then had a marque in a friend’s field. We did everything ourselves (with lots of help from friends and family) apart from catering and photography. We had a Mexican food van, hay bales, sack races, garden games, a band and plenty of prosecco! We loved planning it and I absolutely loved the lead up to the wedding, organising everything and I collected so many pretty vintage bits and bobs to decorate the entire marque and outside. It was one huge laid back party and completely us. I had the best day ever marrying the man made for me.
I’m a primary school teacher. I like to keep busy and have lots of hobbies! I have a passion for sewing, in particular I love free machine embroidery and I have a little Etsy shop. My lovely husband built me a sewing shed in the garden and I love escaping out there after busy day, unwinding with the radio on and a hot cup of tea. I also love baking and of course eating what I bake! I really enjoy walking and being outside. We live in St Erth, Cornwall and have the beautiful river bank to enjoy every day. We’ve got a little Staffy called Betty who we absolutely adore. She’s 6 now and we’ve had her since she was a pup. She comes everywhere with us and even came on our honeymoon to Italy with us. She’s a well travelled pooch. I love to go on holiday, in this country or abroad and can’t wait for a snowboarding trip with the little one. I love to chill out at home, pottering in the garden, watching films or reading. I love looking at home interiors and really enjoy scouring local charity shops and car boot sales for pretty pieces and of course fabric!


Sarah in our Retro Gamer Dress



Age: 27

Number of weeks pregnant: 35

Babies Sex: A little boy

Pre-pregnancy dress size: I had successfully lost weight and gone from a 24-26 to a size 16 prior to falling pregnant.

Dress Size Wearing on Shoot:  22





A little bit more about Sarah:

Sarah in our Alice in Wonderland Dress

I’m embarrassed to admit this, bit I met my partner Tom on Plenty of Fish, it took him a year of talking to me and persuading me before I agreed to go on our first date. On reflection im so pleased I joined up and agreed to go on the date with him, we have now been together for 4 years. He proposed in November in Orlando in front of my favourite place Hogwarts Castle (I’m a total Harry Potter geek) and we are planning the wedding after the arrival of our son. We live together in Penzance.


I’m a freelance journalist and weight loss and lifestyle blogger (my blog is @diaryofafatenglishgirl on Instagram). I have been working a lot on my blog and sharing my weight loss story, meal plans, healthy eating etc with ladies across the world. Once I have given birth I will also be blogging about motherhood and the new experiences it brings to my life. Alongside my blog, I am currently writing my first children’s book, which is very exciting and I am hoping to write more pieces and gain more publications. Alongside my freelance passions and creativity, I also work part time in Costa.


My birth plan is very simple – rock up and try with only gas and air. I will have an epidural if I really need one. I can’t wait to leave the hospital with my little man – I’m happy.


Ruth in our Foxy Foxes Dress



Age: 33

Number of weeks pregnant:  32 weeks

Babies Sex: A little boy

Pre-pregnancy dress size: 12

Dress Size Wearing on Shoot: 14






A little bit more about Ruth:

I met my partner Sean in 2004 when I joined the company we both work for. We didn’t start dating until 9 years later! We finally got married in September 2015.


I’m a Software Engineer, and before I got pregnant I enjoyed fencing as a hobby (I am sure I will get back into this after the birth of our son). I also enjoy painting and drawing. I live in a village called Slimbridge in Gloucestershire and have 3 dogs and 2 house rabbits. I love my animals – Alice and Harry are dachshunds, Bruce is a French Bulldog and the bunnies are called Douglas and Rosie.


Sarah wearing our Pretzel Dress


The shoot:


Our location today are the sweet Finley and Poppy. Two retro Airstream Caravans, renovated to a high standard, located just outside of St Agnes, Cornwall. They are situated on a tranquil farm site, surrounded by greenery, within a short drive to the beaches of St Agnes and Perranporth. The Airstreams are on site with 4 lovely horsey residents – Martha, Vera, Ralph and Puzzle, all who are very friendly. The properties are available to hire as holiday accommodation via Classic Cottages and on a day of sunshine like the day of our shoot are just perfect to sit outside of in the peace and quiet with a good book (or magazine) and cup of tea!



Ruth in Our Bats Dress

From trying on lots of clothing, what feedback do the ladies have from this experience?


Becky in our Alice Cards Dress


What was your favourite dress to wear on the shoot?

I absolutely adored the pink Alice Cards Silly Old Sea Dog dress. Not only was the fabric just gorgeous, it felt so lovely on. Pretty and feminine but also fun and quirky. The fit was great and I loved the neckline and sleeves. Very flattering. The Silly Old Sea Dog dresses were the loveliest to wear. They were just so comfy and fit it all the right places. You could still see your bump and everywhere else looked great still. I also liked the fact you only had to go up a size or two.


What items would you / would you not wear (whilst pregnant)?

I’d wear most things but above anything else I’ve realised you just want to be comfortable. Your body is changing so much and you’ve got lumps and bumps in places you never had before. I love clothes but wanting to look nice definitely come second to feeling comfortable. I personally wouldn’t wear anything low cut while pregnant mainly because my boobs just feel huge and so different.



Sarah in our Glitter Unicorn Dress


What was your favourite dress to wear on the shoot?

I fell in love with the Retro Gamer dress but in all honesty I loved all of them. I found that the light cotton dresses were very comfortable, however some didn’t have sleeves and I’m not that confident revealing my arms. I have bingo wings and a lot of loose skin after my weight loss, so I always prefer a dress that has a sleeve in it. I loved all of the 100% cotton ones. With my weight loss programme and then pregnancy I have found it hard to judge my size in recent months, so it has been nice to wear well fitting styles. I also liked how all of the dresses I wore matched well with flat shoes, I wore my Vans throughout most of the shoot and they paired really well. At this stage of pregnancy, comfortable shoes are a must!


What items would you / would you not wear (whilst pregnant)?

I currently wear leggings, stretchy dresses and shirts so it was lovely to try on some fantastic dresses that not only fit but felt really comfortable. Comfort is what I’m mainly looking for at the moment.



Ruth in our Bats Dress



What was your favourite dress to wear on the shoot?

I loved the Foxy Foxes Dress I think that it really matched my skin tone. I  also liked the tie shoulder dresses, as for pregnancy they allowed the girls to tighten the tops (where they were still small) and leaving room to alter the neckline as your bust grows. I didn’t wear one of these during the photoshoot, but I really liked the style.











Finally, what advice can the ladies give to others looking for a pregnancy wardrobe that is comfortable yet fashionable?

I’ve realised you don’t have to wear just maternity clothes and how lovely dresses can still look in just a few sizes up. It’s also made me re-think what I wear while I’m pregnant. I love clothes and being experimental with what I wear however I started to slip into wearing just the same stretchy dresses or leggings and just wanted to be comfortable. However, after the shoot it made me realise you can be comfortable and love what you’re wearing as well. My mindsets changed a little, before it was you’re only pregnant for 9 months so just be comfy and you can wear lovely clothes again after, but now I’m more of the mindset you’re only pregnant for 9 months and you’re body is only going to look like this right now with that gorgeous bump. So embrace it, be comfortable but also love what you’re wearing! Your body is changing so much and you’re also feeling quite emotional! So, enjoy your new body for now and wear what you want and what makes you feel good.



I would say to try anything and everything! You never know what is going to work for you until you try it. I had got stuck wearing whatever fit and was stretchy whilst pregnant which had me feeling fat and frumpy. After being part of this shoot I have realised that I can wear pretty things and still feel glamorous now that I’m heavily pregnant. There is a lot of choice out there, if you are not confident to go into the shops, order pieces online that you can try in the comfort of your own home. There are no rules, you can wear day to day fashions that aren’t designed as maternity pieces as long as you hunt out the right cuts.



I would advise other mums-to-be to keep an open mind about what they can wear while pregnant. They aren’t, by any means, restricted to traditional maternity wear and with a bit of imagination and by asking retailers for the measurements of their garments they can continue to wear items that make them happy. I have really enjoyed trying on different pieces during the shoot as it has shown me what styles can look great on a maternity figure.

Ruth in our Foxy Foxes Dress




We hope that you have enjoyed seeing how the different garments fit and the ladies honest thoughts about the pieces. All we can say is embrace your maternity figure, go out there and try on some dresses and see what suits you. You can still retain a fantastic fashionable vintage wardrobe throughout your pregnancy.

Becky in our Little Red Riding Hood Dress

Links to Dresses Featured:

Becky is wearing our

Alice Cards Dress

Little Red Riding Hood Dress

Sarah is wearing our

Retro Gamer Dress

Pretzel Dress

Glitter Unicorn Dress

Alice in Wonderland Dress

Ruth is wearing our

Foxy Foxes Dress

Bats Dress

Sarah in our Retro Gamer Dress



Photography: Lisa Simmons of  House of Pin Up

Hair & Make Up: Keeleigh Remnant of KJR Hairdressing

Models: Becky Hawkins, Sarah Woodside and Ruth Taylor

Location: Homeland Farm St Agnes, bookable via Classic Cottages Telephone: 01326 555555

Ruth in our Foxy Foxes Dress, Sarah in our Retro Gamer Dress and Becky in our Alice Cards Dress

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