Port Eliot Festival 2015

I have heard lots about Port Eliot Festival and had been keen to attend with our Silly Old Sea Dog pop up shop!

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We arrived on the Wednesday to set up our stall along with lots of other lovely traders! There were some great things to buy, with real quality stands, such as Seasalt, Rocke & Nutter and Disco Beads as well as lots of craft exhibitions and workshops, music and art performances and food demonstrations.

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The house itself is beautiful and one of the highlights for me was getting to see the dress and glass slipper from the new Cinderella movie – it was just stunning!

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Wandering around the grounds was also fun, there is so much to see, and there are lots of shops, bars and eateries hidden in the walled gardens and trees surrounding the house, the more you look, the more that you find! Each day I went for a wander, I found something new! I loved the Swallows and bunting lining the trees and the lighting to form walkways, as well as the big flowers on the hill which lit up at night.

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There were lots of campers there for the weekend, and as well as tents, there was a large selection of Yurts, Tipi’s, Airsteam’s and Gypsy Caravans where lots of people were spending their weekends.

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Personally I wimped out on the camping and went home each night, apart from Friday where my friend Stacey and I stayed for drinks and slept in the back of my van! We went to the Black Cow Saloon and watched a great band called Flats and Sharps, who were fab, and then sat outside around an open fire on hay bales (drinking Pimms!)

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Here are some ladies wearing their Silly old Sea Dog purchases at the festival:

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Next year I’m hoping to go swimming in the river as I didn’t get chance this time. And I want to sign up for some of the craft workshops.

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See you next year Port Eliot Festival ……………………….. xx

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