How To Wear Our Headscarves

I thought I would pop together some ‘How To’ videos. These are to show you how our Headscarves can be worn, and how to attach them into your hair.


Our headscarves are made from 100% cotton, so you may wash and tumble dry them if you get them dirty or get make up on them. Once ironed, they will be as good as new!

These are perfect for wearing to create a 40’s or 50’s look. You can use them on long and short hair, for long hair we would recommend wearing your hair up in the headscarf, your fringe can be left down or pinned up into the headscarf.

Ideal for wearing for vintage looks. These give a full coverage, so are perfect to cover up roots, dirty or greasy hair and hair extension clips. they are great for camping and festivals or to keep your hair out of your eyes for sport or even cleaning.

Watch the video here on YouTube

Hopefully this will help you to be able to fix in your headscarves quickly and easily!



Ways to wear your headscarf:

Worn for full coverage
Worn as a band
Worn with fringe and hair showing

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